This plugin is used to create inventory information for the client.

It uses the dbus method inventory which is exported by the clacks-dbus-plugin clacks.dbus.plugins.inventory.main.DBusInventoryHandler to receive client inventory information for the client.

With the method request_inventory you can trigger an update of the client inventory dataset on the server. The client will then collect all information and then send them to the clacks-agent.

>>> proxy.clientDispatch("49cb1287-db4b-4ddf-bc28-5f4743eac594", "request_inventory")

If you just want to see the inventory result without sending the result to the server, you can call the dbus method directly:

>>> proxy.clientDispatch("49cb1287-db4b-4ddf-bc28-5f4743eac594", "dbus_inventory")
class clacks.client.plugins.inventory.main.Inventory

Utility class that contains methods needed to handle WakeOnLAN notification functionality.


Request client inventory information