class clacks.agent.plugins.samba.domain.IsValidSambaDomainName(obj)

Validates a given sambaDomainName.

class clacks.agent.plugins.samba.flags.SambaAcctFlagsOut(obj)

In-Filter for sambaAcctFlags.

Combines flag-properties into sambaAcctFlags proeprty

class clacks.agent.plugins.samba.flags.SambaAcctFlagsIn(obj)

In-Filter for sambaAcctFlags.

Each option will be transformed into a separate attribute.

class clacks.agent.plugins.samba.hash.SambaHash(obj)

An object filter which generates samba NT/LM Password hashes for the incoming value.

class clacks.agent.plugins.samba.logonhours.SambaLogonHoursAttribute

This is a special object-attribute-type for sambaLogonHours.

This call can convert sambaLogonHours to a UnicodeString and vice versa. It is used in the samba-object definition file.

class clacks.agent.plugins.samba.munged.SambaMungedDialOut(obj)

Out-Filter for sambaMungedDial.

class clacks.agent.plugins.samba.munged.SambaMungedDialIn(obj)

In-Filter for sambaMungedDial.

class clacks.agent.plugins.samba.munged.SambaMungedDial

This class allows to convert the sambaMungedDial attribute into a human readable list of properties and vice versa.

(All methods are declared static, due to the fact that this methods gets called from within in- and out-filters!)

static decode(mstr)

Decodes a given sambaMungedDial attribute into a human readable list of properties.

Key Description
mstr The b64encoded sambaMungedDial string.
static encode(values)

Encodes the given value dictionary into a sambaMungedDial attribute.

Key Description
values A dictionary containing all munged dial relevant values.
static munge(name, value, isString=False)

Encodes the given property name and value into a valid format for the sambaMungedDial attribute.

Key Description
name The name of the property to encode
value The value of the property
isString Boolean, tells whether to encode a string value or not.
class clacks.agent.plugins.samba.sid.GenerateSambaSid(obj)

Out filter to generate a new sambaSID.

Section samba

Key Format Description
ridbase Integer Use this as a base for generating SIDs if no pool object is available.