class clacks.agent.plugins.posix.shells.ShellSupport

Section posix

Key Format Description
shells String Path to a file containing one shell perl line.


This method will be exported by the CommandRegistry.

Deliver a list of supported shells.

Return: List

class clacks.agent.plugins.posix.filters.GenerateGecos(obj)

An object filter which automatically generates the posix-gecos entry.

static generateGECOS(valDict)

This method genereates a new gecos value out of the given properties list.

process(obj, key, valDict)

The out-filter that generates the new gecos value

class clacks.agent.plugins.posix.filters.GenerateIDs(obj)

Generate gid/uidNumbers on demand

class clacks.agent.plugins.posix.filters.GetNextID(obj)

An object filter which inserts the next free ID for the property given as parameter. But only if the current value is empty.

Name Description
attributeName The target attribute we want to generate an ID for. uidNumber/gidNumber
maxValue The maximum value that would be dsitributed.
class clacks.agent.plugins.posix.filters.LoadGecosState(obj)

Detects the state of the autoGECOS attribute

class clacks.agent.plugins.posix.shadow.DatetimeToShadowDays(obj)

Converts a date object into an a shadow date value. Number of days since 01.01.1970

e.g.: >>> <FilterEntry> >>> <Filter> >>> <Name>DatetimeToShadowDays</Name> >>> </Filter> >>> </FilterEntry> >>> ...

class clacks.agent.plugins.posix.shadow.ShadowDaysToDatetime(obj)

Converts an integer of days (since 01.01.1970) into a datetime.date object...

e.g.: >>> <FilterEntry> >>> <Filter> >>> <Name>shadowDaysToDate</Name> >>> </Filter> >>> </FilterEntry> >>> ...