Clacks Framework Documentation

What is it all about?

The Clacks Framework is an AMQP based framework for infrastructure management that incorporates functionality known from the GOsa Project.

AMQP handles the authentication, the message queueing, the clustering and load balancing for us. A client can subscribe to public events using XQuery, services (or third parties) can emit events in a simple manner. AMQP is used by the newly introduced Clacks agent to provide load balanced, clustered services and by several kind of Clacks client applications like a shell, an ordinary client and so on.

Multiple Clacks agents create a domain where clients can join or participate in different ways. Functionality like the new abstraction layer libinst, an object description language, scheduling, etc. are spread over several agents and can be transparently accessed by clients, thanks to the routing possible with QPID queue models. The functionality is currently exposed by AMQP and by a HTTP/JSONRPC gateway, more methods like ReST or SOAP may follow if there’s an urgent need for that.

Starting with GOsa 3, there is a qooxdoo based GUI component that is 100% build on Clacks.


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